Clem Sunter confirmed as Keynote Speaker

clemsunter 02

We are delighted to announce that renowned speaker and scenario planner, Clem Sunter, will be our Keynote Speaker at the Economic Development Conference in February.

Clem is best known for his ’high road/ low road’ scenario planning and is a sought after guest speaker. He is also the bestselling author of 17 books.

In his latest book, Flagwatching, Clem identifies the development and support of entrepreneurship as a key factor for meaningful national economic development.

Asked to comment on the importance of entrepreneurship, Clem said “The world of work has changed. Mass employment has all but disappeared. Technology is destroying jobs and large companies are subcontracting work to smaller companies instead of doing the work themselves. Young people nowadays have therefore to create jobs for themselves rather than get jobs. In other words, they have to become entrepreneurs.”

We hope you’ll join us to hear this entertaining and thought-provoking speaker, to share your ideas and to help develop the network that will support our young entrepreneurs.

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